NEWS FLASH: Leading Experts On Mole Removal Put An End To Surgery After Discovering A Natural Way To Safely Remove Moles At Home!

(PRWEB Press Release) October 12, 2006

DermaTend®, created by the industry leading mole removal experts, is putting an end to mole removal surgery and has launched a new Web site.

DermaTend®, a natural way to remove moles is putting an end to surgical removal of moles. Experts have also developed a Web site to educate and inform the public about this new mole removal treatment.

People are asking their dermatologists for help in removing their moles all around the world. Dermatologists comply and put them under the knife, charging patients on average of $125. Surgery is no longer the sole option for mole removal. Thousands of mole sufferers have been naturally removing moles and saving upwards of $120 per mole by avoiding surgery with DermaTend®.

“This means no more embarrassing dermatologist visits, and no more costly surgery,” said Aaron Lilly, President of Solace International, and formulator of DermaTend®. “DermaTend® gives people a practical solution they can use at home for all their moles, not just one at a time.”

After seven years of research and trial and error, dermatologists formulated a breakthrough mole removal treatment that bypasses surgery and allows people to remove moles in the privacy of their own home.

They have called the formula DermaTend® and for three years, it has quietly changed the face of mole removal everywhere. Already it has given thousands to choose an option other than surgery and has possibly inadvertently healed the emotional and psychological damage their moles may have caused.

Experts created for people to find all the information they would need about this new mole removal treatment. The cost is affordable and can remove moles for as little as $5 per mole. This type of value is unheard of in the mole removal industry. If anyone is thinking about removing his or her moles, make sure to check out first.

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