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Facial Mole Removal

Although mole removal is critical for persons who have developed melanoma, many patients choose to have their skin & facial moles removed with high safety precautions, or because they dislike facial moles. For patients with cancerous moles, surgery is the only effective method for the removal of facial moles. For those who want to remove their facial moles for cosmetic reasons, surgical, laser and natural mole removal are usually good options.


A mole is a pigmented spot on the outer layer of the skin. It can be oval, flat or round in shape. Moles can occur in clusters or singly on any part of the body. Mostly moles are brown, but colors can be pinkish flesh tones to yellow tones, black or dark blue.

Types of Moles

Commonly, facial moles are little dark, uniform in color and frequently raised above the skin. A dysplastic nevus, is an atypical mole; a mole whose appearance is different from that of common moles and are usually larger in size from other common facial moles, with irregular borders and coloring. These moles are considered to be pre-cancerous and have a higher likelihood of turning into melanoma than common moles.

Facial Mole Removal Surgery

These are the different procedures that can be done for mole removal:

a) Excision Method with Stitches:

This method is more typically used for moles that are potentially cancerous. A medicated blade is used to remove the facial mole and the surrounding skin as well as the underlying in the shape of an oval. The size surrounding the mole that will be cut out totally depends on the concern of the surgeon for the mole being removed. Stitches are required on the upper surface of the skin, which will need to be removed later.

b) Cauterization:

Using a cautery tool, the mole is burned away. No stitches are required as the mole has been burn-sutured.

c) Shaving Method:

This method is most commonly used for protruding moles. It is not the method of choice for dysplastic nevus moles as it may leave mole cells under the skin, which in turn can cause the mole to grow back. The facial mole is lifted up and removed with a medical blade, leaving the area flush with the surrounding skin. After that an electrical instrument is used to burn the area to stop bleeding. Then a topical antibiotic is applied to reduce the risk of infection. Finally a bandage is applied by surgeon.

Natural Remedy For Facial Mole Removal

There are different kinds of mole removal creams for facial moles available in the market, most of which contain bloodroot, a woodland herb that grows in the northern United States and Canada. It has been used for generations as an alternative medicine for natural mole removal. Now, it is available as Dermatend® - a natural mole remover for home use.

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