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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I'm still a little skeptical, will this really work?

A.  We understand that most people are skeptical when they first hear about DermaTend®.  Realizing this, we came up with the “mole free or its free” 60 day guarantee so that everyone would have the opportunity to experience it for themselves without risking a penny of their hard-earned money.  If you have not successfully removed your moles in the 60 day timeframe, simply send the empty tube back to us and we'll refund you 100% of the cost.  We have taken all the risk and only you can decide what is right and whether or not a little skepticism will keep you from possibly removing a mole that has obviously bothered you enough to search out ways to remove it.

Q. What Can I Expect With DermaTend®?

A. Step by step instructions will be provided with the product, but here is a quick overview of what you can expect the first few days.

Day 1-3
After applying Dermatend® every night to the mole a scab should form in its place.  This can happen overnight with just one application but normally takes about 3 days.

Day 3-10
Scab should begin to heal and dry up and will fall off.  Make sure to take care of the scab as removing it prematurely can increase total healing time.

Day 10+
The mole and scab should be gone leaving you with fresh new healthy skin.  The skin may still be healing so take care of it, eventually leaving no trace a mole was ever there.

Q. Does DermaTend® Cause Any Scarring?

A. With DermaTend® You have the best chance of no scarring then with any other method, but with any healing process it may occur. However, you still have far less chance of scarring than you would with surgical methods. Take care of the mole during the removal process and it will heal as the body intends as fresh, beautiful skin. As with all scabs, do not pick it off, let it heal and fall off on its own, and you will have a good chance the skin will show no sign a mole was ever there.  We also recommend buying the Dermatend®Ultra which comes with Wintercrest Healing Balm.  This combined with Dermatend® will speed up the removal process and allow your body to heal with great results.

Q. Does DermaTend® work on all moles?

A. Yes! DermaTend® will safely and effectively remove all types of moles, including flat, as well as raised moles.

Q. Can DermaTend® Be Used On The Face?

A. Yes, as with any other place on your body DermaTend® is effective on the face as well. You have to be prepared for the healing process and the possible scar that could result from the process. We would advise using the remedy on another area of your body first and getting comfortable with the removal process, before using it on the face. Stay clear of your eyes and other mucous membranes. Use on your face is at your own discretion, we are not liable for any scarring or adverse affects it may have.

Q. Is DermaTend® Safe For Children?

A. Yes, it can be used on children just as adults but parental supervision is needed. DermaTend® has no effect on normal tissue, but can be toxic if taken internally.

Q. Why Do You Offer Your 60 Day Guarantee?

A. We believe whole heartedly in the effectiveness of DermaTend®. We know what is has done for thousands of other people. We simply offer the guarantee to let you know we are confident in DermaTend®. In the rare case that it does not work, or perhaps someone decides that it is not for them, then we will gladly return their money.

Q. What is your refund policy?

A. Please click HERE for our Refund Policy.

Q. Why Does My Dermatologist Recommend Surgery?

A. Firstly, most dermatologists are only schooled in the conventional ways. They do not cover any natural remedies in school unless they choose to educate themselves on their own time. This sad fact keeps them ignorant to more pleasant and effective solutions. If you have any questions feel free to visit your dermatologist and see what he has to say about DermaTend®. Most will tell you that it is safe to use and worth a try.

Q. Is It Safe To Enter My Credit Card Information Online?

A. Yes, our payment process is encrypted with the latest technology. We assure you no one can get your information, as our merchant processor, PayPal, is the biggest and most secure in the business. They are certified members of the Better Business Bureau, and run by internet giant EBAY. Ebay has millions of secured dollars exchanged through this same process everyday. You can rest assured your credit card information is the safest on the net.

Ingredients: purified water, sanguineria canadensis, vegetable glycerine, zinc salts

For all other questions please email us Support@molegone.net, and we will reply to you, promptly. Thank you.

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