Natural mole removal is by far the safest most effective way to remove moles. Being able to remove moles at home was unheard of just 10 years ago. But with the help of various products that have been brought to market these formulas are changing the face of mole removal. Surgery is no longer the only option people have, and they are now able to save a lot of money and get better results.

What people like most about natural mole removal is the fact you can do it in the comfort and privacy of your own home. No more embarrassing and time consuming doctor visits. Mole removal is as simple as applying a cream or paste and watching your body take care of the mole by itself. This means no more cutting or burning!!

Here's how it works in a nutshell. First, you are going to have to get an emery board, pumice stone, or even a toothpick. When buying a mole removal kit they should usually supply you with one or the other. DermaTend's Mole Removal Kit comes with an emery board and a toothpick, and depending upon the size and shape of the mole; you can pick which one works best for each situation. Now, you will want to scratch or rub the mole with your chosen tool. This is absolutely necessary as it will allow the natural mole removal formula to fully penetrate the skin mole. Once you have scratched the entire surface of the mole, now you will want to thoroughly clean it, either with rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. Once cleaned, take a hot wash cloth and press it on the mole to open up the pores, hold for about 30 seconds. Now you can apply the remedy and rub it in real good, but try to only rub it into the mole and not the surrounding skin. Now just cover it with a band aid and let it do its work.

The first sign that it is working will be a stinging sensation. This shouldn't be to painful or unbearable, it is a little more mild then when you put hydrogen peroxide onto a wound of the same size. If you do not feel any stinging you did not scratch enough and the remedy isn't fully penetrating the skin. If you did feel you scratched well (some people are known to scratch until the mole bleeds, which is ok and will actually allow the remedy to work better, but it is not necessary) and still do not feel any stinging, then it is a good chance the remedy won't be all that effective and could take weeks to remove just one mole. So remember, scratching and feeling the stinging sensation is one of the most important aspects of natural mole removal!

The absolute tell-tale sign that the remedy has worked is when the mole turns into a scab. This can usually happen overnight or within 24 hours. Once a scab forms there is no need to continue applying the remedy. You will now simply allow the scab to heal on its own, without picking or removing it prematurely, and you will find fresh new mole free skin underneath. Sometimes a scab will only form on part or half of the mole, this means you did not scratch evenly enough and after the scab fully heals you may have to repeat the process on what is left of the mole. Scabs usually take about 7-14 days to fully heal, just take care of it, if you do you have far less chance of scarring and I am sure that is what you would want.

That is pretty much it, natural mole removal is the simplest solution you will find to remove your moles. I do recommend seeing a dermatologist to make sure the mole isn't cancerous, but once cleared high tail it out of there and remove the mole yourself. Doctors will never give you a guarantee nor can they remove a mole without scarring. DermaTend® on the other hand offers a 60 day risk free guarantee and has been shown to leave little to no scar at all. Why pay $125 to a doctor to cut into you in order to remove a mole. DermaTend® costs only $49.95 and can remove up to 4 moles at a time!

We have personally witnessed the excellent results people have got from DermaTend® and wouldn't recommend anything else. Personally, we believe natural mole removal is the only way to go and surgery or laser mole removal are no longer options.


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